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180 capsules

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180 capsules

Base price: 23,50 € each 100 g

Winter-Capsules - 180 capsules

Better now! 

Our winter capsules contain an innovative formula specially designed for the cold autumn/winter months! And now the formula has been enhanced with the innovative - and completely natural - viral inhibitor arthrospira and the sea buckthorn berry. Each individual capsule is hosted to botanical knowledge spread out over a millennium, which we warmly recommend to you for the cold winter months.

The wealth of carefully selected natural substances can inhibit viral activity, strengthens your immune system and enhances your sense of well-being during autumn and winter. Use this product and receive the benefits of the following plants during the cold winter months:

Arthrospira - 16 international studies have described the antiviral effect that the natural substance arthrospira has on the cold and herpes simplex viruses. This makes arthrospira a highly effective substance with antiviral properties.

The polysaccharide arthrospira (complex carbohydrate) is extracted from the cultured algae Spirulina platensis. The main property of this wonderful natural substance is its ability to inhibit viruses and thus put a stop to the efforts of disease-causing elements trying every second of every day of our lives to penetrate our bodies.

When viruses attack cells, they first attach themselves to the cell membrane in order to reach the inside of the cell. It is only here that they have the chance to multiply. The reason for this is that viruses do not have their own metabolism unlike, for example, bacteria. As such, they need a so-called host cell to multiply. This means that the virus sticks to one of the cells from the outside so that it can be transported to the inside of the cell. Once there, it breaks down into its individual components, releasing its reproductive elements. Using information stored in its reproductive system, the virus is capable of manipulating the metabolism of the host cell (somatic cell). This forces the host cell to produce material for the virus, which is needed to produce and reproduce new viruses.

Viruses are produced at such a hectic pace that, in the event of an infection, a gigantic number of new viruses is produced in a single day to an extent that would tax practically any pocket calculator.
Arthrospira is able to prevent the penetration of the virus into the cell and thus helps to prevent an infection. Arthrospira blocks the entrance to the cell, the virus remains stuck in the cell membrane and is no longer able to reproduce itself. The body's own defences then quickly annihilate the virus.

Sea buckthorn - The sea buckthorn berry bush has been known to offer super protection during the wet and cold months. For example, sea buckthorn berries contain ten times more vitamin C than citrus fruits and so are able to - particularly during the cold periods - provide excellent support for the immune system.

Echinacea – the purple coneflower (Echinacea) found active appreciation among the early Native Americans who made use of it in many different ways. The polysaccharides, ethereal oils, flavonoids and alkyl amines in Echinacea provide good support for the immune system.
Vitamin C, bioflavonoids and carotenoides in rosehip powder are also able to provide great support to your body's defences, as are elderflowers with their flavonoids and caffeic acid derivatives.

We recommend ribwort plantain extract powder for its iridoids, particularly acubin, for the well-being of the bronchi.

We also recommend thyme oil with its ethereal oil.

For a sense of well-being in the airways, we recommend lime-tree blossom and camomile powder. We also recommend the natural substances maté tea, pepper, bioflavonoids and lemon powder found in our winter capsules to aid your well-being during the autumn/winter months.

For a sense of well-being in the throat, we recommend the chilli powder found in these winter capsules.

As you see, these winter capsules contain a really exciting winter formula. Our tip - combine this product with our delayed action effect Acerola-C and Spirulina Zinc. You won't believe the effects!

2 capsules contain: Vitamin C - 40 mg = 50*, vitamin E - 12 mg = 100*, arthrospira - 80 mg, piperine - 4 mg, capsaicin - 2 mg, further plant substances- 423 mg.
* = % of the reference amount (NRV) based on the Food Information Regulations.

Consumption recommendation: Please consume daily a capsule in the morning and in the evening with enough liquid.

Information for diabetics:2 capsules contain 0,08 bread unit.

Please note: Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a well-balanced and varied diet as well as a healthy life-style.


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from Axel on 18.10.2017
Nutze es seit 3 Jahren im Winter, bewahrt mich größtenteils vor einer Männergrippe ;)
from Gabriele on 25.10.2017
Super Produkt sind sehr zufrieden, keine Erkältung!!!
from Saskia on 05.02.2018
Die Kapseln sind mit Abstand das beste was ich an Abnehm-Produkten bestellt habe! Ich nehmeSie immer vor der Mahlzeit ein am besten 1 Stunde vor und mein Körper reagiert auf überschüssige Kalorien und meidet diese!
from Ulrike on 23.02.2018
Super für die kalte Jahreszeit, mir geht es einfach immer gut!!
from Ingrid on 29.11.2012
a) sehr gut\nb) allen Freunden und Bekannten sowie Verwandten,die auch ein natürliches Produkt wünschen\nc)
from lenjoint on 22.01.2013
alles gut ,hilft
from Harald on 22.03.2013
Ein tolles Produkt. Kann ich nur empfehlen.
from Heinz on 23.03.2013
Bestens Super Crew Gesund
from Manuela on 11.05.2013
Das ist das Beste was ich je gekauft habe. *** Top Produkt kann ich nur jedem empfehlen.
from Conny on 11.12.2015
Winter ist nicht meine Jahreszeit, da leide ich immer unter kalten Füßen und Händen.
Jetzt habe ich das nicht mehr.
from Tina on 20.01.2016
Jeden Tag seit 3 Monaten genommen und Sie wirken wie versprochen.
from Tanja on 31.01.2017
Super Angebot! Meine Kinder und ich nehmen die Winter Kapseln schon mehrere Monate ein. Seitdem sind wir Erkältungsfrei!! Danke dafür.

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