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L-Tyrosin Complex

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120 capsules

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120 capsules

Base price: 58,33 € each 100 g

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L-Tyrosin Complex - 120 capsules

The metabolic revolution

Revolution hails from the Latin term revolvere and means nothing else than "turn around". In our case it amounts: You turn around with "L-Tyrosin Complex" your metabolism – from the sleeping mode to the marathon runner!

If you can eat a lot without increasing or  if every eating sin changes directly into love handles, is due solely at metabolism. The same holds true when the developed pounds do not want to melt. Then it is mostly a due to the fact that simply the metabolism is too sluggish.

But what is the metabolism exactly about? As the word metabolism already says, it is about the fact that „substances change“. Everything we eat and drink lands first of all in the gastro-intestinal system. Here the nutrients are disassembled in their components. They are splited so small that the bowel can take them up and transfer them into the blood. About the blood circulation the nutrients are channelled in all cells of the body. And now here the metabolism becomes active. If you talk about “metabolize nourishment “ the process is meant which occurs after the digestion and the transport about the bloodstream in the cells. Here the nutrients are built up, rebuilt and removed. I.e. that the nutrients are converted and change their structure- therefore you call it metabolism.

Why do the whole process happens?  To energy extraction! The nourishment is converted into energy. And our body needs plenty of energy, even if we do nothing at all. Steadily run, life processes, setup and rebuilding processes like in a clock work. This mechanism is right with all people. Nevertheless you finds differences in the individual utilisation of nutrients.

A person with a sluggish metabolism for example utilize  the taken up nutrients only slowly and, therefore  arranges so fast fat depots. However, a person with fast metabolism burns a lot of the converted energy. This is the reason, why some people can eat what they want and are lithe and lissom and others already increase only at the sight of calories what makes any endeavours for a weight decrease to an almost dead issue.

It is like with a car. A car has a tank and an internal-combustion engine. We fill up with petrol, this is burnt and thereby generates the impulse energy. At humans the principle is exactly the same. We eat and drink something and this is converted about the metabolism into energy – for the energy to the impetus of the body machinery.

A car which goes faster needs more fuel than a car which goes more slowly. The problem: The human car (metabolism) goes on many people very slowly and economically. It is virtually a 3-litre car. It uses very sparse fuel, means fat. Furthermore our fat tank is gigantic. He consists of approx. 50 million fat cells. The car human can roll a long  time, before it decreases, just a little bit.

What can we do? Quite simply! We step on the gas. Best full throttle. Then you use more petrol. Thus, more fat. Nevertheless, the driver must be fit for it. The driver with the car human is the thyroid. It steers the whole metabolism. The small organ which the size of a walnut of owes his name of his position. The thyroid sits below the larynx like a sign before the windpipe and builds two essential hormones with the label triiodothyronine and thyroxine. The usual abbreviations for it sounds T3 or T4. T3 because 3 molecules iodine are bound and T4 because 4 molecules iodine are bound.

These both messengers stimulate the energy consumption of all cells – they adjust whether the whole metabolism runs at full blast or on low flame. For  this they spread about the bloodstream in the whole body and dock themselves to the receptors of the nucleuses and the mitochondria, the "power stations" of the cells. Exactly here you can boost the cell metabolism. Many thyroid hormones are necessary to be able to manage this big job. And exactly here is the problem: You produce not enough of the metabolism accelerators T3 and T4. This slows down the metabolism and then the nourishment is not converted any more into enough energy. Instead of this, a large part of the taken up nutrients is bunkered in the fat depots. Among the rest, the result of it is an increase of weight which can be partly quite considerable – without eating  more.

Moreover, it comes with a decreased production of the thyroid hormones to constant tiredness, lack of drive, fragile fingernails, edemas, depressive upsets, dry skin and various other complaints. Every third German has not enough T3 and T4 in the blood and, therefore weight problems and constantly failures with diets. Women four times more frequent than men.

Be cause of this the thyroid can not give full power and accelerate the metabolism. It must be conditions for the moment. And this is much easier than many people believe. The engine of the fat burning is one of the easiest, most simple hormones of the human body. T3 and T4 only exist of protein. For the most part from only one single amino acid, the protein L-Tyrosin. L-Tyrosin is the basis of the thyroid hormones. Without L-Tyrosin the thyroid cannot produce her hormones T3 and T4 enough. That's why our product "L-Tyrosin Complex" makes available this immensely important nutrient in sufficient amount. But this is still no benefit for you. L-Tyrosin becomes active only with selenium. Only in this group the thyroid can produce enough T3 and T4 and bring thus the metabolism at full blast.

The more thyroid hormones are released, the higher is the metabolism. To achieve the maximum, "L-Tyrosin Complex" is content not only with the most important nutrients and delivers his activator, but goes on definitely and does his name "Complex" all credit. In addition, our metabolism revolution still delivers gugulipid essence, an Indian resin. Because of the account of different investigations you can say that he can also stimulate the production of the slederising  thyroid hormones T3 and T4. Therefore "L-Tyrosin Complex" left nothing to the chance and forces the maximum, so that the thyroid can really give full power and accelerate the car Human (metabolism) on 100%. The fat tank is stronger tapped and that is why you slim much faster.

Are these all possibilities to accelerate the metabolism and with it the fat combustion? No, you can tune the engine additional. Perform the engine high-speed! Briefly: Accelerate the metabolism. You reach this with the plants coleus forskohlii and ginseng, in "L-Tyrosin Complex". Both plants raise the basal metabolism. The basal metabolism, also called metabolism rate, names the minimum of energy which the body needs without physical strain, around vital functions to maintain at complete rest.

Coleus forskohlii and ginseng let go the engine on high-speed. This uses more spirit. So, more fat. You can still increase this effect, while you drink cold water. Also the body already burns calories or energy – without strain. The reason: The water is warmed up on body temperature.

Our product "L-Tyrosin Complex" still up the ante. With the help of the African plant Ashwagandha, to the Indian basil, the trace element molybdenum and the mineral substance magnesium give to the human car more cylinder. Certainly, with the human car this is absolutely possible. Instead of wheezing up to now as a duck with two cylinders through the life, you can race, with these plants, with a 12 cylinder. For example, with Ferrari F12!

How is this possible? Ashwagandha, Indian basil, molybdenum and magnesium stimulate the growth of the small power stations in the muscle cells, the mitochondria. In the mitochondria the stored body fat is converted to energy. The more cylinder (mitochondria) exists in every cell, the more energy is used. Speak more spirit. So, more fat.

Last but not least, "L-Tyrosin Complex" still delivers the brown algea Ascophyllum Nodosum. This harmon    ised the thyroid. All the same which challenges with the thyroid exist – Ascophyylum Nodusum can support the natural, healthy balance of the thyroid positively.

Now you know the secret of a fast metabolism. Combine "L-Tyrosin Complex" with 40 Days Diet or another successful diet and you will be marveled how fast you can celebrate unbelievable success.

2 capsules contain: Natural plant materials (Gugulipid essence, brown alga essence, coleus Forskohlii, Ashwagandha, ginseng (2% Ginsenoside – 1.4 mg = 3 *), Indian basil) – 540 mg, L-Tyrosin – 110 mg, zinc – 5.6 mg = 56 *, manganese – 2 mg = 100 *, molybdenum – 50 µ g = 100 *, selenium – 45 µ g = 82*.
* = % of the reference amount (NRV) based on the Food Information Regulations.

Recommended daily use: Please consume daily in the morning and in the evening in each case 1 capsule with a sufficient quantity of liquid.

Information for diabetics: 2 capsules contain 0.06 bread unit.

Please note: Food supplement means should not be used as a substitute with a well-balanced and diverse food as well as a healthy life-style. During the pregnancy and the lactation a use of the product is not recommended.

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