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Information regarding the shipping costs

For us here at Natura Vitalis®, you as our customer stand at the fore and it is therefore also important to us, that you are well informed when it comes to shipping. Below we would like to provide you with some quick and clear details about the various types of shipping and the associated costs.

The highest priority for us in terms of shipping, is the speed of delivery and the safety of your goods. For example within Germany, we only ship insured packages. Our shipping flat rate of 4.87 euros includes not only the shipping of your goods, but also the packaging.

In the case of a return, you do not pay a cent. We assume all costs.

Domestic shipping costs:

We deliver within 1-3 business days within Germany (including nationwide insurance) using the services of DHL.

For this service, the shipping cost is a flat rate 4.87 euros.

For cash on delivery, the amount stated on the invoice is payable upon delivery of the goods to deliverer from Deutsche Post. Please bear in mind that we charge a surcharge fee of 3.06 euro for cash on delivery, and the post office also collects a fee of 2.00 euro.

International shipping costs:

        Shipping insurance of 9.95 euro

        Europe 1 (European countries, except Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein and the Vatican City)
        Shipping insurance of 12.95 euro

        Europe 2 (only applies to Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein and the Vatican City)
        Shipping insurance of 14.95 euro

        Worldwide (all non-European countries)
        Shipping insurance of 39.95 euro

Additional duties, taxes and fees apply for deliveries outside of Europe.

For more information about tariffs please visit:

For import taxes:

Specifically for Switzerland:

If you have any further questions regarding shipping, please feel free to contact us.

You can reach us at:

0800-6 82 22 22 (free of charge from all German networks), or send us an email:

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