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Full health and fitness with a healthy gastrointestinal system

Healthy intestinal flora is the source of health and well-being. If this is in balance, this has many positive effects on our body, our emotions and our fitness. But if the intestine loses its balance, we quickly feel ill and tired, and our immune system becomes weakened. An unhealthy lifestyle and certain foods contribute to weakening the intestine in this way – sugar, unhealthy fats, ready-made products, a range of artificial food additives and pesticide residues in foods put a particular strain on our intestinal flora. Just like antibiotics, fluoride and chlorine, these have a negative effect on the beneficial intestinal bacteria and can cause chronic hyperacidity, which causes us to underperform, makes us feel drained and leaves us more susceptible to diseases.

But this doesn’t have to be. To remain in good health, it is important to regulate the intestinal flora, which consists of a community of billions of bacteria settling in our intestinal system and forming a natural ecosystem. If it loses its balance, pathogenic microbes have the opportunity to multiply and cause damage. If the body is not able to restore the balance, inflammation processes may become chronic and give rise to diseases that not only affect the intestine. These diseases might not even have anything in common at first glance, ranging from depression and anxiety to learning difficulties, allergies and diabetes. Intestinal health is particularly important for our health, fitness and a long life. Doctors have found that impaired microflora is present with all human diseases. The important thing is to eat fresh, homemade meals as often as possible. And if you give preference to organically sourced foods and include enough vegetables, fruits and probiotic foods in your diet, your intestinal flora will give you the boost you need.

A true natural all-rounder and healer for the human intestine is apple cider vinegar. Its acidic vinegar brings momentum to our digestive system. It stimulates saliva formation and encourages the activity of the stomach, the intestine and the pancreas. Apple cider vinegar protects against infection, destroying putrefactive bacteria, ensuring that the intestinal system is healthy and stimulating the muscle activity of the intestine. A regular intake encourages good digestion, calms the stomach and our intestine, and restores the overall balance, enabling us to start our day boosted, healthy and full of energy.

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