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A kindness for your joints – finally be free of pain

Claiming stairs or vacuuming the house suddenly becomes a torment, and let’s not even get started on sport. In some cases, intense pain only occurs in the joints for a brief moment, while in others, joint pain manifests itself overnight or is even chronic. The joints in our body are literally pivotal to all of our movements, but they don’t already flow as smoothly as they should. Joint pain is no uncommon malady nowadays. It is estimated that 20 million people in Germany are affected by it. Almost half of all people over the age of 45 complain of joint pain, especially knee pain, although it is also possible for several joints to be affected at once. Such symptoms can occur even in younger people and impair their quality of life.

Joint pain is a result of many different joint-related diseases, including inflammation, wear or metabolic disorders. The most common causes include chronic inflammation, hyperacidity and symptoms of wear. Acute inflammation of the joints (arthritis) and injuries are also commonly responsible for joint pain. Only a very small proportion of joint disorders are genetic in nature. A good way to keep moving freely and prevent joint pain from occurring in the first place is a combination of a healthy diet and regular outdoor exercise.

Your choice of diet should not encourage inflammation, which means less fatty meat and animal fats like butter, lard or cream. However, many vegetable fats, for instance cold-pressed oils, quality margarines and nuts, are healthy, because they provide many of the polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6. The same applies to perch, trout and salmon. To prevent hyperacidity, a generally alkaline diet should be maintained, because this re-balances the body and prevents undischarged toxins from putting strain on joints and muscles. Another important aspect is the body’s weight, because if a joint has to carry twice or more the number of kilos, this accelerates arthrosis of the knee, where the cartilage of the joint is worn down.

The use of frankincense is a tried and tested supplementary therapy for joint pain and stiffness. Numerous studies have shown that frankincense is an effective substance, especially for the well-being and health of the joints. The resin of the olibanum tree, known as frankincense, contains frankincense oil, which has an anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving and anti-microbial effect. Many scientists are enthusiastic about this natural substance. With degenerative disorders of the joints, frankincense extract relieves pain, improves movement and limits cartilage loss, which reduces discomfort and disability and lets you enjoy life at its full pace.

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